2024 artsvest Regional Welcome

June 20, 2024

Welcoming the 2024 artsvest Regional Participants


We are thrilled to introduce the 55 small arts, culture, and heritage organizations across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario participating in the 2024 artsvest Regional program. These organizations will have access to matching fund opportunities and receive tailored sponsorship training to enhance their capacity to secure sponsorships and build partnerships with businesess.

*Pictured above: Board members of Tilted Brick Gallery Association, BC Movement Arts Society ballet performance poster, cast of the production of Joseph – Tweed & Company Theatre, Red Deer Summer Centrefest Society (photo by Miyako Palmer), Island Mountain Arts (photo by Alison Beaumont), Muskoka Indigenous Friendship Centre – Tall Pines Music Festival, Milton African and Multicultural Festival, Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration (photo by Eric L.)

What is artsvest Regional? 

artsvest Regional is an extension of the national artsvest program, operating in regions with a local funding partner. This program offers matching fund opportunities and delivers more in-depth training, peer-to-peer learning, and mentorship focused on sponsorship.

Currently, there are over 500 organizations participating in the national artsvest program. Through artsvest Regional, our partnerships with public funders enable us to increase impact by providing matching funds to select organizations for new sponsorship dollars raised.

The organizations selected for artsvest Regional were chosen based on their commitment to serving rural, remote, and/or equity-seeking communities through their mission and programming. By supporting small organizations that operate with limited resources, artsvest Regional helps organizations grow, enhance organizational resilience and diversify their revenue streams. 

Welcome to the 2024 Participating Organizations!


artsvest Alberta


artsvest British Columbia


artsvest Ontario


artsvest Saskatchewan


Congratulations to all participating organizations, and thank you to the dedicated artsvest team for supporting the success of this year’s programming! 

Thank you to our partners for making this program possible!

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