Arts Response Tracking Survey 

The Arts Response Tracking Survey (ARTS) is a partnership project between Business / Arts, the National Arts Centre, and Nanos Research. Since its launch in May 2020, ARTS has conducted quarterly surveys of over 1000 Canadian culture-goers, providing valuable insights into audience behaviours and attitudes towards participating in indoor and outdoor arts and culture activities.

Throughout the pandemic, ARTS has become a trusted resource for hundreds of arts, culture and heritage organizations across Canada. It offers relevant and timely data, playing a crucial role in informing the reopening procedures and programming models of arts organizations nationwide.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the arts and culture sector in a volatile post-pandemic environment, ARTS began a new two-year phase in May 2023. With a newly structured approach, ARTS continues to offer insights into audience behaviours and attitudes on a quarterly basis, focusing on specific topic areas each quarter.

Winter concentrates on marketing, spring on sales, summer on public perceptions and engagement, and fall on fundraising. This approach aims to ensure that ARTS provides relevant and timely data, enabling organizations to adapt to the latest trends and shifts across the sector.

ARTS Key Findings – May 2024

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Arts Response Tracking Survey (ARTS)

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