Celebrating 50 years in 2024, Business / Arts is a national charitable organization that shows the power of partnership between business and arts. 


Video created in partnership with Philip Maglieri and Artful Strategies.


About Business / Arts

Our mission is to champion business investment in the arts and build strong, lasting partnerships between the arts, business and government in Canada.  

Business / Arts is uniquely positioned to bring together business, private patrons, government and the arts, all in the service of supporting the growth of Canada’s arts sector. We focus on three main objectives, which are relevant to the business, arts, government sectors, individually and collectively. 

  • To convene and lead

Business / Arts will source opportunities to bring together organizations and people to support the arts sector, locally and nationally.

  • To support and facilitate

Business / Arts facilitates the sharing of much-needed information and resources across the arts sector, from our smallest community groups to our largest national organizations, and engages our key audiences across business and government.

  • To share, amplify and advocate

We recognize and celebrate partnerships between business and the arts, profiling exceptional leadership in the business and arts community, sharing research, and providing a platform for innovative discussion and exchange of ideas.

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Our Story

In 1974, Edmund C. Bovey responded to a call from the Canada Council for the Arts to mobilize business support for the arts. Bringing together 50+ CEOs from across Canada, the Council for Business and the Arts in Canada was established to build partnerships between business and the arts.

Join us for a journey through time as we honour some of the trailblazers and key programs that have shaped our history and positioned Business / Arts as a convener, thought leader and changemaker. Explore our organization’s timeline here.