ARTS: Volunteer Motivations and Engagement Strategies

At the top of the session, Nik Nanos, Chief Data Scientist and Founder of Nanos Research, shared the latest findings from the Arts Response Tracking Survey (ARTS). This edition of ARTS provides updated insights into attendance rates among culture-goers, as well as the motivators and trends related to volunteering in the arts.

This session featured a response panel with leaders from across the country. Together, we considered the current state of volunteerism within the arts and culture sector, explored the top motivators for volunteering, and discussed strategies for attracting and retaining volunteers.

Speakers included:

  • Andrea Dawson Thomas, Executive Director, Halifax Jazz Festival
  • Drew Delbaere, Manager of Volunteer Engagement, Edmonton Fringe
  • Mab Coates-Davies, Senior Manager, Visitor Engagement and Operations, Textile Museum of Canada
  • Nik Nanos, Chief Data Scientist and Founder, Nanos Research


Download the latest edition of the Arts Response Tracking Survey here. 

What’s New With ARTS? 

ARTS is a partnership between Business / Arts, the National Arts Centre, and Nanos Research that conducts quarterly surveys of over 1000 Canadian culture-goers. Since its launch in May 2020, ARTS has offered valuable insights into audience behaviours and helped inform the reopening procedures and programming models of Canadian arts organizations throughout the pandemic.

To address the changing needs of our sector, ARTS is entering a new, two-year phase beginning in May 2023. With its newly structured approach, ARTS will continue to offer insights into audience behaviours and attitudes on a quarterly basis, with each quarter focusing on a specific topic area. Winter will focus on marketing, spring on sales, summer on public perceptions and engagement, and fall on fundraising. Read more.

Arts Response Tracking Survey (ARTS)

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