Upcoming Webinars:

Working Effectively with a Board of Directors
Speaker: Irene Cheung
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
1:00 – 2:30 pm ET

Every major decision in your not-for-profit hinges on your board of directors. But for many small organizations, stretched resources often go to day-to-day operations, leaving governance as an afterthought until the next directors’ meeting. Learn some of the ins and outs of working with a board to help turn your ideas into real action.

This session will look at common governance challenges and practical tips. Topics covered include: the basics of board administration, the governance framework, and board development and capacity building, all examined through an equity lens.

Irene Cheung

Irene is a strategic advisor with deep experience in education and culture in public policy, politics, communications, and governance. She provides counsel to government and not-for-profit sector leaders on how to deliver real, measurable results for the communities they serve.

Irene’s first career was as a public school teacher before she transitioned to federal politics. She began as a communications advisor to Members of Parliament at the House of Commons, before eventually serving several Ministers of Canadian Heritage as speechwriter, senior policy advisor, and Acting Director of Policy. She oversaw a large portfolio of files that included film, performing arts, visual arts, museums, copyright legislation, diversity and inclusion, and over 10 Crown corporations and agencies. Her work included leading the Minister’s pandemic response strategy, helping to secure over $2.6 billion in new arts funding in support of tens of thousands of arts businesses, organizations, and cultural workers across Canada. She was also Chief of Staff and Corporate Secretary at the National Gallery of Canada where she supported the organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion-centred strategic plan.

An active volunteer, Irene has served on the council of the Ontario College of Teachers and the Government Relations Subcommittee of Canada’s National Ballet School.

Past Webinars:

National Webinars 2024

Maximizing Your Online Fundraising with CanadaHelps

Speaker: Daniel Poliziani

March 2024

“Online fundraising is a topic we are passionate about at CanadaHelps. In fact, CanadaHelps started because our founders saw the need for giving to be easier in the age of the internet. Since then, we’ve helped over 4.6 million Canadians donate over $3 billion to Canadian charities. It’s clear that online fundraising is a major part of the charity sector and is here to stay. Learn how to maximize your online fundraising with the tools available from CanadaHelps.”

Daniel Poliziani

Dan Poliziani is a Charity Engagement Specialist with CanadaHelps and works with their charity partners on a daily basis to ensure they have everything they need to fundraise successfully with the CanadaHelps suite of tools.

The Threat of Cybercrime from the Perspective of Arts and Culture Organizations

Speaker: Nick Maturo

February 2024

In this session, Nick Maturo will discuss the threat of cybercrime from the perspective of arts and culture organizations, sharing firsthand experiences from the English-Language Arts Network. Nick will discuss the topic from a variety of angles including the potential impact on organizational stability, community confidence, staff morale and eligibility for public funding, while also sharing best practices to help organizations and individuals in the arts take the necessary steps to protect themselves and minimize exposure to risk. This session will be held in English, with French captioning available.

Nick Maturo

Nick Maturo currently serves as ELAN’s Interim Executive Director, having originally joined the team in 2019. Prior to his current role, he oversaw ELAN’s Québec Relations project, which facilitates English-speaking artists’ access to funding in Quebec through free grant writing resources. Nick holds an M.A. in Communications Studies from McGill University and a B.F.A. in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University. As an artist, Nick has been active in Montreal’s experimental music community for over ten years and has performed at the Suoni Per Il Popolo and MUTEK festivals.

About ELAN: The English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a Montreal-based not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for English-speaking artists and cultural workers of all disciplines from every region of Quebec. ELAN shares expertise and resources for career advancement, funding opportunities, employment opportunities, and calls for participation in the arts, while also advocating for its members’ interests and making common cause with the Francophone arts community.

Navigating the Art of Prospecting: A Strategic Approach for Small Arts Organizations

Speaker: Alie-Clarence Dupuis

February 2024

Join us for an engaging session that delves into the intricacies of prospecting and making impactful approaches, specifically tailored for small arts organizations. In the ever-evolving landscape of the arts, effectively identifying potential supporters and patrons is a crucial skill that can shape the success and sustainability of your organization.

Our distinguished expert will share invaluable insights, practical strategies, and success stories to empower small arts organizations in their journey to connect with potential donors, sponsors, and partners. From cultivating relationships with art enthusiasts to forming partnerships with local businesses, this session will explore a spectrum of approaches that align with the unique challenges and opportunities faced by smaller entities.

Key Topics to be Explored:

  • Identifying Prospects in a Niche Market
  • Crafting a Compelling Narrative
  • Building Genuine Relationships
  • Effective Communication and Outreach
  • Navigating Sponsorship and Partnerships

This session is a must-attend for leaders and enthusiasts in the arts community who are eager to elevate their prospecting and approach strategies. Join us as we collectively unravel the art of building meaningful connections and securing the support needed to flourish in the vibrant world of the arts.

Alie-Clarence Dupuis

With a dynamic career spanning over 12 years, Alie-Clarence Dupuis has emerged as a multifaceted professional with a profound impact on the realms of events, branding, and cultural production.

Beginning her journey in the startup scene, Alie-Clarence invested in event startups, notably contributing to the success of ventures like Fresh Air Events (becoming MURAL Festival). In 2013, she transitioned into a pivotal Brand Manager position at E&J Gallo Winery, a multinational powerhouse, where she spearheaded strategic initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on B2B and B2C positioning.

In 2016, Alie-Clarence  embarked on a seven-year tenure as a producer for the renowned MURAL Festival in Montreal. Her significant contributions to the festival elevated her to prominence within the Montreal cultural scene. This recognition was further underscored by herreceipt of the Infopress 30under30 award in 2019 and the “Event development” award from “Apollo Woman in Business” in 2013.

As a seasoned professional in the realm of arts administration, Alie-Clarence Dupuis possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in steering small arts organizations towards success. With an acute understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in prospecting and cultivating impactful approaches, Alie-Clarence has become a guiding force in the ever-evolving landscape of the arts.

Alie-Clarence offers a unique blend of strategic vision and practical experience. Whether it’s pinpointing prospects in niche markets, crafting compelling narratives, building genuine relationships, or navigating complex sponsorships and partnerships, Alie-Clarence is at the forefront of unraveling the diverse challenges faced by modern entities.

National Webinars 2023

Courage or Fear? - Exploring our motivation as leaders of not-for-profit arts organizations

Speaker: Dr. Shawn Dalton

November 2023

In this workshop, Dr. Shawn Dalton led a discussion about striking a balance between keeping the lights on and working strategically towards a sustainable organization in unstable times.

We discussed topics such as our individual work flows and how they can support or impede organizational development, staying sane while keeping all the plates in the air, and how to be ready for the next flavour of the month without compromising our long-term strategies.

Effective Corporate Sponsorship

Speaker: Andrea Hébert

October 2023

In this workshop, we broke down what corporate sponsorship is, how to research and evaluate companies that are the perfect fit, how to build connections, and land mutually beneficial partnerships. We also discussed how corporate sponsorships can lead to individual gifts, what marketing benefits you should (and shouldn’t) be offering, how to report back effectively, as well as how to handle unexpected challenges.

Pathways for Newcomers Arts Professionals in Canada

Speaker: Toyin Oladele

August 2023

A conversation about a newcomer’s journey into a professional arts career in Canada. Toyin, a Calgary based arts professional and cultural strategist will describe her journey, experience and future plans, strategies and how she is leading conversations for Equity, diversity, Inclusion and Access conversations around Canada. She will also describe how to have effective community engagement with equity-seeking communities, manage community projects and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Fundraising Fundamentals

Speaker: Michelle Yeung

March 2023

Organizations must make a few fundamental commitments before they are ready for a holistic fundraising approach that will maximize their dollars raised. Understanding the fundamentals will set your organization up for success and enable a collaborative journey toward achieving your fundraising goals.

In this webinar we addressed how to build fundraising capacity, how to create a compelling case for support, how to plan around the development cycle, how to pick your fundraising mix, and how to build a culture of philanthropy. Whether you are starting out, looking to take the next steps, or seeking to reinvigorate your organization’s fundraising efforts, this session offered practical ideas to help you raise more funds in support of your organization’s mission-driven work.

Organizational Resilience for Smaller Arts Organizations

Speaker: Irene Cheung

April 2023

Running an organization when you’re short on people, time, and money is tough. In this session, participants learned how to build a stronger, more stable arts organization that can weather uncertainty with more diverse funding sources and board governance best practices. This session focused on practical tips and resources that new arts leaders can integrate into their day-to-to-day work. Topics covered include: what federal funding programs are available and how they work, ways to advocate for your organization at the federal level, the basics of board governance, and how to set up your board for success.

Amplify and Engage: A Dynamic Marketing Workshop for Arts Administrators

Speaker: Inga Petri

June 2023

In this workshop, arts administrators gained a deeper understanding of effective marketing strategies, digital tools, and audience engagement tactics. They were equipped with practical skills to develop and implement successful marketing campaigns, amplify their organization’s reach, and foster meaningful connections with their target audiences.

Through a combination of presentation, real-life examples and active group discussion, participants gained valuable insights and practical skills to take their organization’s marketing efforts to new heights.

Making Diversity Work in a Fragile Settler-Colony

Speaker: Ajay Parasram

July 2023

Organizations seeking to centre DEI in their workplace and professional practice tend to struggle because it is difficult to first arrive at a common understanding of how oppression manifests in the workplace. Too often, energy is spent making diversity-work, meaning over-exhausting minority populations with poorly focused and poorly resourced tasks rather than focusing on the substantial changes that might create avenues for diversity itself to flourish. Workplaces are symptomatic of the broader societies within which they are embedded, and as such, this workshop focused on establishing a framework of structural white supremacy through which we understood the Canadian nation and national milieu within which arts organizations must operate.

Archived recordings are available for artsvest participants.