How does artsvest operate?

artsvest is a national mentorship and training program. It is a free program, delivered virtually, and accessible across Canada. The programming is delivered via webinars, peer-to-peer networking sessions and one-on-one mentoring. The program goal is to build capacity and resilience across the cultural sector, with a focus on small to mid-sized arts, culture, and heritage organizations.

What is the time commitment required for artsvest?

artsvest training includes monthly webinars (starting in March 2023), peer sessions every 2-3 months (starting in Spring 2023), and access to mentors for up to two one-hour sessions (starting in Fall 2023).

We recommend that organizations participate in a minimum of 12 hours of training in any combination to maximize their learning from the program. However, individual organizations can choose their own time commitment based on their learning goals and capacity. The goal of the program is to be flexible and responsive, rather than being prescriptive.

What areas are available for training?

Training areas cover a broad range of subjects, including:

  • Equity, diversity, access and inclusion
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Board governance
  • Marketing and communication
  • Organizational development
  • Fund development and financial sustainability
  • Strategic planning
  • Adaptive changemaking
  • Community engagement

How is this round of artsvest different from previous rounds?

  • This round of artsvest is the first truly national iteration of the program. While the program has existed in different communities at different times, this is the first time that training and mentorship are being delivered simultaneously across the country.
  • This round of artsvest prioritizes rural, remote, systemically under-resourced, and equity-seeking communities in program reach, format, and delivery.
  • The training program is more flexible and adaptive so that participants can find their own self-guided journey, based on organization needs, interests, and capacity.
  • The scope and topics for training are much broader, looking at organizational capacity as a whole, rather than focusing solely on sponsorships, marketing and board governance.
  • The matching funds incentive for sponsorships is still continuing, however that component is contingent upon partnership with a local funder to provide the matching funds, so availability is limited to select regions at the moment. We continue to seek out new funding partners to help expand the matching funds incentive across the country.

Who is eligible to participate?

We are inviting small to mid-sized arts, culture, and heritage organizations, who meet at least two out of the three criteria listed below:

    • Have an annual operating budget under $1.5 million
    • Have five or fewer full-time employees
    • Have a mandate or programming focus that serves rural, systemically under-resourced, and/or equity-seeking communities

    Can past participants participate in the program again?

    Returning organizations are encouraged to register however, in the event of limited capacity, priority will be given to organizations from small, rural and equity-seeking communities, as well as regions/organizations that have not participated in artsvest in recent years. 

    How do I register?

    • You must complete the online registration form, providing basic details about your organization and your training needs or interests. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete.
    • New participants will be welcomed and added to the program towards the end of each month
    • The program is designed for each training component to build upon previous sessions so early registration is encouraged. 
    • Registration is open, and organizations are invited to complete the registration form at any time. Orientation and welcome will take place during the last week of each month.

    What are the program components?

    Webinars: Monthly webinars presented by arts and business professionals, conducted via Zoom.

    Peer sessions: Virtual group sessions, facilitated by arstvest staff or mentors. These gatherings provide a structured opportunity for organizations with shared affinity to network, discuss common challenges, share resources, and learn from one another.

    Mentoring: Virtual one-on-one sessions with a diverse roster of skilled mentors on topics of your choice.

    What is artsvest Regional?

    artsvest Regional is a smaller, more focused program, available in select regions where artsvest has secured a local funding partner. Offered in addition to the national artsvest program, this program focuses on the area of sponsorships, with in-depth sponsorship training, expert mentors to guide with asks, and a matching funds incentive. Participating organizations can access a pre-approved amount of matching funds (in the $2500-$5000 range) for any new sponsorships they secure during the program. artsvest Regional is currently offered in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the city of Toronto.

    Learn more about artsvest Regional here.

    How can I get artsvest regional in my community?

    We are seeking to expand artsvest Regional in communities across the country. To help bring artsvest Regional to your area, please contact us at: artsvest@businessforthearts.org

    How do I become a mentor?

    We are inviting expressions of interest from prospective new mentors. To learn more, visit the artsvest mentorship page.

    Who are the team members behind artsvest?

    We are proud to have a diverse team from across the country, working to deliver artsvest programming. To learn more about the team, click here.

    Who can I contact for other artsvest inquiries?

    Please email us at artsvest@businessforthearts.org, and one of our team members will respond to you.