Upcoming Webinar:

Pathways for Newcomers in the Arts Professionals in Canada

Speaker: Toyin Oladele

Thursday, August 31, 2023
12:00 – 1:30pm MT / 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET

A conversation about a newcomer’s journey into a professional arts career in Canada. Toyin, a Calgary based arts professional and cultural strategist will describe her journey, experience and future plans, strategies and how she is leading conversations for Equity, diversity, Inclusion and Access conversations around Canada. She will also describe how to have effective community engagement with equity-seeking communities, manage community projects and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Toyin Oladele

Toyin Oladele is a Calgary-based multi-disciplinary artist, curator, arts manager, creative strategist, and community builder, originally from Nigeria. She is a motivated, creative, and results-focused professional. With over two decades of experience, she has demonstrated excellence in organizational development, strategic planning, program development and implementation, community and arts-based event planning, production and event management, engagement, and equity & diversity. In her past roles, Toyin has overseen the development, delivery, and evaluation of a range of programs, projects, and partnerships focused on elevating the cultural landscape and supporting artists from all backgrounds. Her professional strengths are firmly rooted in her passion to invigorate community spaces with arts and culture, infusing inclusivity, and vibrancy into her community, through a strategic approach that is highly collaborative.

Toyin has been named as Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to watch by CIBWE in 2022, Top 25 EDIA Persons of the year by Canadian Multicultural Group in 2021 amongst other awards and nominations.

In her spare time, Toyin loves to watch movies in Yoruba language, her mother tongue and engage with creative people. She also enjoys coaching, mentoring, and assisting newcomers, especially women to find their voice as professionals in the city of Calgary and across Canada. Toyin is married and is a mother of three.

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Making Diversity Work in a Fragile Settler-Colony

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Organizations seeking to centre DEI in their workplace and professional practice tend to struggle because it is difficult to first arrive at a common understanding of how oppression manifests in the workplace. Too often, energy is spent making diversity-work, meaning over-exhausting minority populations with poorly focused and poorly resourced tasks rather than focusing on the substantial changes that might create avenues for diversity itself to flourish. Workplaces are symptomatic of the broader societies within which they are embedded, and as such, this workshop focused on establishing a framework of structural white supremacy through which we understood the Canadian nation and national milieu within which arts organizations must operate.

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