2015 Reseach

2015 Canadians value companies that support the arts

In a first-ever report released April 2015 by Business / Arts, results show more than half of Canadians favour businesses that invest in arts and culture

Business / Arts released an in-depth report revealing high levels of engagement in the arts by Canadians and a commitment from business to invest in arts and culture.

The report found that Canadians are heavily engaged in the arts, in fact, they are more likely to choose arts and culture events over sports. Businesses are taking notice; since 2008, business investment in the arts has increased by 49 per cent.

The findings suggest an overwhelming belief by Canadian businesses that the arts can produce societal benefits, including:

  • 82 per cent believe engagement with the arts leads to good health and well-being
  • 95 per cent say arts education assists in the intellectual development of children
  • 88 per cent believe youth engagement with the arts helps reduce youth crime and alienation

However, the report also shines a light on the complex interworking of arts funding in Canada. While Canadian businesses are increasing their investment in the arts, those surveyed emphasize that government support of the arts is essential and only 23 per cent of large companies stated that they would increase support if government cuts occur.

To share the findings of this important report and have a dialogue with Canadian businesses and government funders about the research, as well as next steps for the research program in building a case for business investment in the arts, Business / Arts launched a cross-Canada roundtable tour.

Business / Arts visited eight cities:

  • Winnipeg – April 7th
  • Calgary – April 17th
  • Montreal – April 29th
  • Ottawa – May 11th
  • Vancouver – June
  • Saskatoon – July
  • Halifax – July
  • Toronto – August

Business / Arts would like to thank our presenting sponsor Aimia for investing in this study, as well as Deloitte, Enbridge, the Canada Council and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for partnering with us.

We also want to thank our Legacy Partners for supporting on-going research: RBC Emerging Artists Project, The Honourable Hilary M. Weston and The Printing House.