Watch: Emerging Ideas on Arts Governance

November 29, 2021

Earlier this month, Mass Culture released the Future of Arts Work report on Board Governance: Emerging Ideas, which focuses on Boards of Directors and their related governance models in Canadian not-for-profit sector arts organizations.

In this session, we had a discussion with the report’s authors, Jeanne LeSage and Shawn Newman, and explored what governance is, the challenges facing the sector, and current ideas and models for developing well-functioning boards. We also examined the nuances of what is legally required by legislative bodies in consideration to boards and what is at the discretion of the organization.

This session was moderated by Owais Lightwala, Assistant Professor, Performance at the Creative School and included speakers:

  • Jeanne LeSage, CHRL; MBA, LeSage Arts Management
  • Shawn Newman, Ph.D.; Independent Researcher and Consultant

Resources from this session:


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