Town hall with the Minister of Canadian Heritage

August 13, 2020

Join Business / Arts, Global Public Affairs, Mass Culture and the Canadian Arts Coalition for a discussion with the Hon Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage on how the government can help the arts sectors recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

Recovery Framework:

To help the arts, culture, heritage, and sport sectors recover from the impacts of the pandemic, the Minister of Canadian Heritage will be engaging with people in the sector in the coming weeks. Individuals and organizations are invited to propose recovery measures that meet some or all of the five pillars of the framework:

  1. Foster the sustainability of the arts and culture ecosystem by ensuring more stable sources of revenues for organizations and better remuneration for artists, creators, and cultural workers;
  2. Increase the demand for Canadian art, productions and cultural products;
  3. Increase the number of individuals from under-represented and equity-seeking groups who can earn a living from the creation and production of art and culture and participation in sport, including in management and leadership positions;
  4. Increase the number of people who live in Canada who practice a sport on a regular basis;
  5. Reduce the environmental footprint of the art, culture, heritage, and sport sectors.


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