Launching Executive Leadership

January 27, 2020

Attention Arts Leaders

Business / Arts is thrilled to announce the launch of our Executive Leadership program, a new one year program open to 10 arts leaders across Canada who are currently leading organizations with a budget of $1M or more.

Launching at the Canadian Arts Summit in April 2020, you will be paired with a key leader in the Canadian arts sector, who will act as your mentor, providing leadership, advice and counsel, as well as sharing valuable knowledge and insight to support your professional development and facilitate valuable networking opportunities.

The goal of the program is to provide leadership and career development for you as an arts leader to elevate your professional career and to help you build social capital.

Who should apply?

We are looking for an executive director (or equivalent) or the head of a major department within art, culture or heritage organization in a paid, permanent capacity who has a minimum of three full-time staff members, five years of consistent programming history, and an operating budget of at least $1M.

Have questions?
For a full rundown of the eligibility requirements and the program overview, visit www.businessandarts.org/leadership or email Jessica Vellenga, Jessica@businessforthearts.org.

Know someone who would be interested?
If you know of someone who fits the criteria to be a participant, be sure to forward them this email or direct them to www.businessandarts.org/leadership.

Business / Arts Executive Leadership Program is proudly supported by Canadian Heritage and RBC Foundation.

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