Like-Minded Organizations present a world-class jazz festival

Guelph Jazz Festival and Meridian Credit Union Partnership Summary

The Guelph Jazz Festival is internationally renowned as one of the world’s most forward-looking jazz events and an original agent of cultural change in Canada, presenting world-class innovative music in a community setting. In 2011, the Guelph Jazz Festival partnered with Meridian Credit Union, Ontario’s largest credit union which offers a full range of products and services such as telephone, mobile and online banking. Meridian’s corporate social responsibility outlook is to operate in a way that is responsible and supportive of the communities they serve.

Both partners shared common goals and outlook on sponsorship benefits. With the partnership, the Guelph Jazz Festival received large cash support for their festival, event operations and volunteer program, while Meridian Credit Union strengthened its presence in the community and solidified its reputation as a socially responsible, community-minded business.