Cast your vote for the arts!

September 10, 2021

Get ready to cast your vote for the arts!

With the election only days away, we encourage you to stay informed about the candidates’ platforms and promises and take some time to evaluate how your position relates to their priorities. Be sure to consider current promises as well as previous achievements and shortcomings. As an arts ally, some questions you may want to consider when conducting research or engaging directly with politicians could include: 

  • What is this party/candidate’s vision for arts and culture in Canada?
  • How will this party/candidate approach public funding for the arts?   
  • What steps will this party/candidate take to support the recovery of the arts, culture, heritage and tourism sectors amid the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  • How does this party/candidate plan on addressing issues related to access, diversity and inclusion in the arts sector?
  • In what ways will this party/candidate collaborate with artists and arts organizations to create policy and programs?

Each political party has a unique vision and set of priorities for the arts, culture, heritage and sectors. To help voters stay informed, the Canadian Arts Coalition, with support from Global Public Affairs, has provided a summary of commitments from the leading federal political parties relevant to arts and culture sectors. You can read these commitments on the Coalition’s website HERE.

Read more about the party platforms

To know where each major political party stands on all the issues that are important to you, you can read full party platforms for:

Make a plan to vote

Make sure you know where, when, and the ways to vote by following Elections Canada’s Voter’s Checklist. Be sure to plan ahead! Due to the pandemic, things may take a bit more time. Whether you want to vote at advance polls, on election day, or by mail, make a plan and choose the voting option that works best for you. If you want to vote by mail, the deadline to apply for a special ballot is September 14.

Have your say

Join the conversation and use the hashtags #artsvote and #votezarts when posting on social media about arts and culture election issues. The other popular hashtags that are being used on social media this election include: #ItsOurVote, #CdnPoli, #Elxn44, and #cultureElxn44.

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