The Art of Board Governance during COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, good governance can be elusive, requiring a delicate balance of operational oversight, strategic vision and passion for the mission. In a crisis, it gets even harder. COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of the way that boards and managers make decisions. In-person board meetings are no longer possible, raising funds is harder than ever, and guidance from the government is evolving faster than we can keep up. In this session, the David & Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation will share insights that we have gathered about the unique challenges and strengths of governance in the arts sector, and how real-world boards and managers are coping with the immediate and long-term implications of the pandemic.


Vanessa Morgan, Chair, Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto, Ontario
Bruce Wright, Chair, Vancouver Art Gallery Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.
Irfhan Rawji, Chair, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta