2024 Canadian Arts Summit:

Futur Possible | Possible Futures

Strategies and actions for centring art in a thriving arts sector

March 21-23, 2024 – Banff, AB

It is possible to envision the future of the arts in Canada through our collective passion, foresight and advocacy. Join your peers at the Banff Centre, to share, debate, question and transform the future of creativity.

Together we will consider:

    • How does AI impact our work as artists, audiences and artsworkers?
    • How do we work together to build resilience from crisis?
    • What does arts leadership look like, today and tomorrow?
    • How do we ensure the arts are valued as central to all our lives?

    The arts cannot stand still in a changing world, let’s create our future together.

    *Please note that details are subject to change. All times are local.

    Thursday, March 21Friday, March 22Saturday, March 23

    DAY ONE: Coming together, starting the conversation

    2:00pm Sign-in
    2:45pm Peer Session #1 – Peer Meet and Greet
    4:30pm Welcome
    5:00pm Keynote Presentation:
    Futurisms: AI, humanity and the arts

    • Dr. Richard Lachman
    • Dr. Sageev Oore
    6:00pm Artist Performance
    6:30pm Social hour and Open Studio Tour
    DAY TWO: Notes from the Future
    Emergent ideas, opportunities and concerns in the arts sector

    9:00am Coffee
    9:45am Session#1: Collective Action
    Resilience from Crisis: Conversations on the Future of Working Together

    State of the arts today. Modelled on the “fireside chat”, this is a focused and forward-looking conversation on the challenges facing arts organizations and the potential of collective actions within and across the sector. Discussion will focus on tangible ways to build resilience, adaptability and support in the arts workforce, addressing the realities of institutional transformations and reimagining the arts ecosystem as stronger, more integrated and expansive. Together we will continue to learn, unlearn and evolve.

    • Aileen Burns, Co-Executive Director and CEO, Remai Modern
    • Johan Lundh, Co-Executive Director and CEO, Remai Modern 
    • Ben Dietschi, Senior Consultant, DeVos Institute of Arts Management
    • Devyani Saltzman, Arts Leader, Curator, Consultant 

    *More to be announced

    10:45am Session with Michelle Chawla
    Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts
    11:30am Session #2: Organizational Capacity
    Attracting and Retaining Future Arts Leaders

    It’s been said the best time to plan for the future was twenty years ago, however the next best time is now. A dynamic panel discussion guided by the following questions: How can we create transformational leaders in the arts right now and in the future? How can we plan for succession rather than replacement? How do we nurture cross-generational collaboration for all facets of arts leadership? How do we prepare future leaders to address challenges and identify opportunities?

    • Dr. Charlie Wall-Andrews, Executive Director, SOCAN Foundation
    • Cynthia Lickers-Sage, Executive Director, Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
    • maxine bailey, Executive Director, Canadian Film Centre
    • Nick Chambers, Partner, Boyden Executive Search
    • Moderated by: Sanjay Shahani, Executive Director, Edmonton Arts Council
    12:30pm Lunch
    1:30pm Peer-to-Peer Session #2
    2:45pm Session #3: Advocacy
    Future Proofing the Arts: Funding Models and Economic Sustainability

    • Maya Choldin, Executive Director, Theatre Calgary
    • Simon Mallett, Executive Director, Rozsa Foundation

    *More to be announced

    4:00pm Happy Hour
    6:00pm Delegates Dinner
    DAY THREE: Re-Centering the Arts
    What would have to change for creativity to be a core Canadian value?

    9:00am Coffee
    9:30am Ask the Expert

    An opportunity to dive into the practicalities of AI and operational issues raised in the keynote address, enabling attendees to ask follow-up questions of AI experts.

    11:00am Peer-to-Peer Session #3
    12:00pm Lunch
    12:45pm Session #4: Culture Shifts
    Urgent Optimism: The Role of Arts and Culture Moving Forward

    • Sarah Garton Stanley, Vice President of Programming, Arts Commons
    • Nick Stillman, Executive Director, Prospect New Orleans
    • Moderated by: Jean-François Bélisle, Director and CEO, National Gallery of Canada

    *More to be announced

    1:45pm Closing Remarks
    2:00pm Optional Programming to be confirmed

    Choose between a curator-led tour of the Cassils exhibition or an interactive play reading workshop

    6:00pm President’s Dinner (Open to all delegates & presented by the Banff Centre)

    Our keynote features a dynamic co-interview between artist and theorist exploring the future possibilities of AI, creativity and human expression. In this dynamic conversation artist and theorist will ask of each other questions like:

     What co-creative possibilities are opened up with AI as collaborator?
     In what possible ways will AI affect how we shape and engage with arts and culture?
     What is the potential future for human expression if/when AI masters creative production?

    Dr. Richard Lachman directs the Zone Learning network of incubators and the Flybits Lab for Creative AI at Toronto Metropolitan University. Richard is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, and his interactive projects have won Gemini and Canada New Media awards, shipped millions of copies worldwide, and informed.
    His current projects and research interests include technology ethics, creative AI, interactive storytelling, digital documentaries, and embodied mixed realities.

    Dr. Sageev Oore is multi-award-winning musician, a faculty member in Computer Science at Dalhousie University (Halifax), a Research Faculty Member at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Toronto), and a Canada CIFAR AI Chair. In 2016, Sageev’s long-standing fascination with combining machine learning & music surpassed his long-standing resistance to that same topic, and he joined the Magenta project at Google Brain (California) as a visiting scientist, applying deep learning approaches to music.


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