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The arts & business exchange (abx) is a gathering place for mid-career artists, arts leaders and business professionals to meet exchange ideas, address challenges and share best practices. It plays a vital role in convening Canada’s young business and arts leaders, with the goal of developing and increasing the visibility of our future leadership talent in the arts, and ensuring a strong future for the arts sector in Canada. 

The guiding principle for abx is to be a fun and inspiring event for future leaders in the business and art world to work together to discuss critical issues and opportunities in the arts today and work together to address them.


  • Young business professionals (25-45) who are engaged in the arts as volunteers and/or patrons will enhance their knowledge of the sectoral issues, forge strong relationships with peers and next-gen arts leaders, and build leadership strength.  
  • Young business professionals who are not yet engaged in the arts, but who are interested in being more involved, will find inspiration and opportunities to engage with the arts.
  • Young arts leaders and artists will have an opportunity to meet new potential partners from the private sector, share their learnings, projects, challenges and opportunities for collaboration.   


  • Young patron chairs and board members across Canada
  • Young business professionals who have an interest in the arts but may not be volunteering or involved currently because they aren’t aware of opportunities or looking for ways to get involved 
  • Mid-career artists and arts leaders
  • Emerging artists


Steering Committee


Michael Lockhart


Committee Members

Leen Al Zaibak
Gilad Cohen
Nicole D’Aoust
Tim Goff
Monica Granzotto
Jennifer Green
Martha Haldenby
Sal Patel
Teague Thackway
Richa Vajpeyi
Karlee Vukets
Stefan Williamson


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