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How can I register for this conference?  

To purchase a ticket for abx, please visit our ticketing page.

Who can attend abx?  

This conference is open to emerging arts and business leaders under 40 who demonstrate exemplary leadership and volunteerism in the arts.

If you meet this criteria, and are passionate about contributing to the future of the arts and cultural sector through this influential new forum, we strongly encourage you to register.

Am I considered an emerging arts leader?  

Working in the arts sector, emerging arts leaders are dedicated to fostering the arts in Canada by building partnerships with fellow arts administrators, artists, media, business leaders and public sector officials to ensure a vibrant cultural sector for all Canadians.

Am I considered an emerging business professional?  

Working in the business sector, emerging business leaders demonstrate a passion for volunteerism, philanthropy or leadership in arts and culture in Canada. Individuals show leadership in taking on key roles and responsibilities, recruiting other volunteers, providing a bridge between business and the arts community, and enhancing the visibility of the arts and culture sector.

I am over 40, can I still attend the conference?  

The conference and discussions will be programmed for emerging leaders under 40. While this is our target demographic for abx, we invite anyone who is doing great things and can contribute to the conversation to apply.

What is Culture Track Canada?  

We will give participants a firsthand look into the groundbreaking new Culture Track Canada study led by Business / Arts. Culture Track Canada will focus on better understanding and responding to the changing cultural landscape in Canada and provide businesses, government agencies and cultural institutions with specific, actionable data to accelerate and inform strategic decision making.

Through a series of roundtables across Canada in 2017 and at this year’s arts & business exchange, we will be gathering feedback on the survey instrument, allowing abx participants to directly influence and contribute to the study. In 2018, these same round tables will be held across Canada to share the findings of the study on a national scale.

Will the conference be publicly available via livestream?  

This year’s abx will not be livestreamed but full panel and event videos will be freely available shortly after the exchange.

How is the arts & business exchange different from Business / Arts’ other emerging leaders summits?  

After hosting the RBC 40 Voices Summit in 2014 and the Montreal Young Professionals Summit on the Arts in 2015, Business / Arts saw the need to bring emerging arts and business leaders together more frequently in order to understand the ever-changing direction of the arts and cultural sector. These summits have evolved into what is now the arts & business Exchange.

While the previous two summits were resounding successes, the arts & business exchange has been reimagined as a conference that can one day grow into a year-round, cross-sectoral exchange.