Constructing Sustainability Through Music

Instrumental Society of Calgary and New Urban Consulting Partnership Summary

The Instrumental Society of Calgary (ISC) is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides an outstanding, affordable chamber music concert series to Calgary audiences. New Urban Consulting (NUC) is a real estate development firm committed to fiscal and environmental sustainability, and is proud to develop inner-city communities that foster creativity and originality. They work closely with development and community partners to bridge the gap between the rental and sale market, and help to provide affordable housing options in high-cost metropolitan centres.

The two organizations created a dynamic partnership that had lasting benefits for both, as well as the community, through their shared vision and goals to develop creativity across Calgary.

Through the partnership, New Urban Consulting was able to demonstrate their corporate vision by using the power of music. NUC hosted ISC concerts in their new developments, which allowed the community to come together and experience the positive aspects of the development on their community through concerts. In return, ISC was able to use New Urban’s sponsorship dollars to maintain low ticket prices while paying appropriate fees to their musicians.