Notre équipe

Aubrey Reeves

Présidente et directrice générale
Présidente et directrice générale

En octobre 2020, Aubrey a rejoint Affaires/Arts en tant que présidente-directrice générale, un rôle qui lui permet de continuer sa mission et de veiller à ce que l’industrie des arts et de la culture avance durablement dans le futur.

Auparavant, Aubrey a occupé des rôles de direction au sein de la Fête de la culture depuis sa création en 2010. Cette année-là, Aubrey a été recrutée pour assurer le lancement du premier événement du weekend de la Fête de la culture en Ontario. Elle en est devenue la directrice générale nationale (de 2017 à 2020) et, à ce titre, son leadership lui a permis de collaborer avec des partenaires provinciaux dans tout le pays, de négocier des partenariats et des commandites avec des entreprises, des industries et des médias et de définir des stratégies et des objectifs organisationnels qui ont augmenté la portée, l’accessibilité et l’impact de la Fête de la culture.

Aubrey a travaillé au Conseil des arts de l’Ontario, à Trinity Square Video ainsi que pour la revue The Dance Current. Elle a également siégé aux conseils d’administration du LIFT (Liaison des cinéastes indépendants de Toronto) et de la compagnie de danse Dreamwalker.

Artiste multidisciplinaire, Aubrey possède une sensibilité unique lui permettant de défendre des initiatives qui incluent non seulement le point de vue des artistes et du public mais encore celui des organisations culturelles et des partenaires. Ses travaux d’artiste ont été exposés dans tout le Canada et à l’étranger.

Candace Elder

Directrice du programme national artsvest
Directrice du programme national artsvest

With over fifteen years of professional experience, I am dedicated to making space for creative, critical, visionary thinking in support of the arts and their fundamental contribution to our society. Born in Calgary, raised in southern Ontario, rebounded west to Banff, Calgary, Edmonton and now landed in Toronto, I have an affection for both east and west. When I am not building capacity in the arts & cultural sectors through our artsvest program, I can be found at arts events around the city or curled in a chair listening to records, reading a book, or stringing words together in a notebook or cocktail napkin. I chose this line of work because as one of my hero’s Patti Smith said “Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional” and I believe the arts can do that better than anything.

Erin Borch

Chargée de la communication et de l'engagement
Chargée de la communication et de l'engagement

Erin is a multimedia storyteller and arts administrator, with a passion for audience development. Currently living in Calgary, Erin has produced bilingual marketing strategies for artists and organizations across Canada. She brings a history of curating digital content and amplifying programming initiatives for non-profit organizations including, ArtsBuild Ontario, Capital Heritage Connexion and the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.

Erin holds an honours degree in Communication Studies and Political Science from Carleton University as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Management from Centennial College.

When she is not exploring local art and culture, she can be found sipping an extra hot cup of coffee, trying to keep her tropical plant collection alive or getting lost in the Rocky Mountains.

Ana Ramirez

Créatrice principale
Créatrice principale

Ana is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and graphic designer with ten years of experience in design, communication, branding and digital marketing, with a background in arts and sustainability. Growing up in a home full of books and with a family so enthusiastic about arts, culture and history, she fell in love with all kinds of artistic expression, being drawing and dancing her first approaches to the art world.

She is also passionate about fitness and wellness, and as a yoga and dance teacher, she enjoys hosting workshops focused on learning and integrating mindfulness practices with art therapy.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Honours in graphic design, a post-degree in business and corporate communications, and multiple courses in sustainability, art, innovation and design.

She recently created a social project – The Fit Girl Movement to support and empower women and raise awareness about gender equality in the fitness and wellness industry.

She loves coffee, tacos and spending quality time with her family.

Tate Peacock

Coordinatrice de programme
Coordinatrice de programme

Tate is an arts professional with experience and training from OCAD University and Centennial College. She is an innovative, adaptable problem-solver with strong communication skills. Tate is skilled at conceptualizing and visualizing creative projects/events and meeting tight deadlines.

Currently living in Toronto, she spends her free time enjoying movies, books, and searching for the best restaurants in the city.

Comptable junior

Although I’m an accountant, my heart lies in the arts. I didn’t have any access to the arts growing up until I got a part-time job in high school and finally took music lessons- I decided to learn to play the violin. This is why I’m particularly excited about getting to work for a non-profit that helps contribute to art programs.