artsvest Montréal

Public Acknowledgement
Organizations are to acknowledge Business / Arts and the Government of Canada for the contributions received in any promotional activity related to the funding received using the Wordmark/Logo.

Eligibility Guidelines

Organizations – Eligible

  • Must be an arts, culture or heritage organization operating in a region or municipality where the artsvest program is operating.
  • Must have been in existence for a minimum of one completed fiscal year with active programming.
  • Must provide arts, culture or heritage programming, products or services that are accessible to the public.  
  • Must be an incorporated, not-for-profit organization, society and/or registered charitable organization with arts, culture or heritage as a part of their mandate and core activity and a publicly accountable structure with an active Board of Directors.
  • Organizations, groups, cooperatives and collectives which are not incorporated may apply under the umbrella of a local organization of their choosing.
    • For artsvest application purposes, an umbrella organization is an incorporated not-for-profit organization or a registered charity that has been in existence for at least 2 years and can submit applications for and on-behalf of an unincorporated arts organization, cooperative, or collective in their local community. Umbrella organizations must complete an Umbrella organization application.  
    • Umbrella Organizations, board and staff are not liable nor responsible for submitting applications, sponsorships or reporting on behalf of the artsvest organization they are partnering with. The only obligation the Umbrella organization has is to accept and distribute the artsvest cheque to their partner organization
  • Indigenous arts groups are eligible to apply as incorporated not-for-profit organizations or unincorporated collectives which operate on a non-profit basis.
  • Must have an operating budget of less than $1.5 M for the most recently completed fiscal year.
  • Must have attended the artsvest information session in the current artsvest program cycle

Organizations – Ineligible

  • Religious institutions
  • Health, social service, and sports organizations
  • Government agencies and political parties
  • Educational institutions (with the exception of independent, non-profit arts schools)

Business Sponsors – Eligible

Once organizations are given a pre-approved matching fund amount, sponsorships must come from businesses which are eligible. Specifically, they will be:

  • Located in the region or municipality where the artsvest program is operating. Where a local cheque cannot be written, cheques from a corporate office located elsewhere are acceptable with a written explanation provided. If they are not located in the same province as the organization they are sponsoring, they must provide a detailed account of their vested interest in sponsoring locally.
  • Registered with CRA as a business (for-profit)
  • Publicly traded, privately owned or sole proprietorship; this includes owner-managed businesses, limited partnerships. Must include business name, address and CRA business number*

*Exceptions will be made for Brokers who are not able to register with CRA, but are registered under their parent company (Example: real estate agents and mortgage brokers)

  • In the instance of a foundation, must be affiliated with a corporate for-profit business (e.g., RBC)
  • Government initiatives that are now privately owned such as a Port Authority
  • A not-for-profit organization that exists for commercial purposes and to support for-profit businesses,  Examples include BIA, Tourism Board, Board of Trade.

Business Sponsors – Ineligible

  • Individuals
  • Other non-profits
  • Government organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Unions
  • Service Clubs (Rotary, Lions, Elks, Freemason, etc)
  • Service Organizations (Tribal Councils, Arts Councils, Health Services etc.)


Sponsorship Confirmation Process & Requirements

Sponsorship Agreements – Eligibility

  • Must be a true sponsor partnership, showing mutual benefits for both parties
  • Sponsorship must be finalized within the artsvest program dates
  • Only cash or in-kind sponsorships are eligible
  • Sponsorships must equal a minimum of $200 (taxes excluded) in artsvest matching funds in order to be eligible (see matching fund table below under ‘Sponsorship Confirmation’ for calculations)
  • Must operate at arm’s length from the arts organization. It is the responsibility of participating organizations and businesses to declare a real or perceived conflict of interest in the case where a personal or professional relationship (family members, employees, board members) would receive professional or personal benefit resulting from the funding opportunity.


  • Donated gifts/services will not be matched. This includes but is not limited to; donated gift cards, raffle prizes, cash gifts, professional services and standard discounts
  • Taxes on cash or in-kind sponsorships will not be matched.

Sponsorship Categories

Cash Sponsorships

Proof of Payment:

For all methods of payment, proof must include all of the following to be accepted:

  1. Business Name
  2. Arts Organization Name
  3. Transaction Number
  4. Date
  5. Amount
  • Cheque or Money Order: Copy of the front of the cheque which shows above details.
  • Cash or Credit Card: Copy of receipt issued by arts organization signed by the business which shows above details. Please provide corresponding invoice number.
  • Online Transfer: Transaction record which shows above details. Please provide corresponding invoice number.

Proof of Deposit:

For all methods of deposit, proof must include all of the following to be accepted:

  1. Business Name
  2. Arts Organization Name
  3. Date Stamp
  4. Itemized Amount (to match the Proof of Payment)
  • Cheque, Money Order, or Cash: Itemized deposit slip with above details
  • Online Transfer: Screenshot of online bank statement with above details
  • ATM: If using an ATM, the cheque amount and the deposit amount must match.

In-Kind Sponsorships

Proof of Sponsorship:

In-Kind invoice issued by the business, which must include all of the following to be accepted:

  1. Business Name
  2. Arts organization name
  3. Date
  4. Itemized list of goods provided at fair market value
  5. Sponsorship value identified as an itemized discount (full or partial), OR a statement indicating the invoice should not be paid, along with the business contact signature on the invoice. (Note: The business contact signature should match the one on the Sponsorship Confirmation Agreement).