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A discussion with the next generation of arts and culture leaders.
New insights into the changing behaviours of Canadian cultural audiences will be unveiled and debated throughout the evening, with a particular focus on how millennials are changing the landscape of philanthropy and are distinguishing themselves in surprising and myth-busting ways.
The key takeaway for art institutes from millennials:
You need us more than we need you.

abx participants will be invited to join a conversation to better understand the interest of younger audiences as well as elaborate on the opportunities for future engagement in the arts. The evening’s discussions will focus on:

  • How can arts institutions attract more nextGen culture-goers?
  • How can we inspire more nextGen culture-goers to invest in the arts, in terms of time, talent & treasure?
  • What is the ideal cultural experience for nextGen culture-goers?
  • The goal of ABxCultureTrack is to continue building a stronger more vibrant arts community in Canada. Future arts & culture CEOs, board directors, artistic directors, independent artists, culture-goers and producers will benefit from taking part in this important conversation.

The conversation will also be documented to add further depth to our Culture Track Canada project.