Understanding Culture Track Canada

A discussion with the next generation of arts and culture leaders.

New insights into the changing behaviours of Canadian cultural audiences will be unveiled and debated throughout the evening, with a particular focus on how millennials are changing the landscape of philanthropy and are distinguishing themselves in surprising and myth-busting ways.

Key takeaway for art institutes from millenials

You need us more than we need you.

abx participants will be invited to join a conversation to better understand the interest of younger audiences as well as elaborate on the opportunities for future engagement in the arts. The evening’s discussions will focus on:

  • How can arts institutions attract more nextGen culture-goers?
  • How can we inspire more nextGen culture-goers to invest in the arts, in terms of time, talent & treasure?
  • What is the ideal cultural experience for nextGen culture-goers?

The goal of ABxCultureTrack is to continue building a stronger more vibrant arts community in Canada. Future arts & culture CEOs, board directors, artistic directors, independent artists, culture-goers and producers will benefit from taking part in this important conversation.

The conversation will also be documented to add further depth to our Culture Track Canada project.


5:00 PM -Doors open + refreshments
5:30 PM – Culture Track presentation
6:45 PM – Response panel
7:15 PM – Facilitated breakouts +working dinner
9:00 PM – Facilitator wrap up
9:30 PM – Drinks + tacos + networking

Response Panelists
Salimah Ebrahim
The tech disrupter who uses digital tools to curate in-person experiences.
Alistair Henning
The business leader who unites young patron groups across the city.
Shannon Litzenberger
The artist who took her passion for the performing arts to impact policy
Devan Patel
The gallery owner who represents Canada's most compelling visual artists.
Shayne Stephens
The marketing powerhouse that creates community by leveraging the power of arts and culture.
Karlee Vukets
The philanthropist who believes in deeper, more meaningful ways of giving.
Craig Offman
Arts Editor
The Globe and Mail
Gilad Cohen
Founder and Executive Director,
JAYU Festival Inc.
Jane Helbrecht
Leadership Development & Partner,
Acuity HR Solutions Inc.
Gurbani Marwah
Senior Manager, Distributor Relations,
Filmed Entertainment at Cineplex
Allison Moore
artsvest Alberta Program Manager,
Business / Arts
Alicia Rose
Manager, Community Relations,
TD Bank
Karlee Vukets
Financial Security Advisor,
Freedom 55 Financial